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Nissan Exports Magnite from India to Nepal, Indonesia & South Africa

Written by Nayak

Nissan India starts exporting the all-new Nissan Magnite to Nepal, Indonesia, and South Africa. After its successful launch in India, Nissan wants to replicate Magnite’s success in the overseas market. By the end of May 2021, the production of the Magnite stood at 15,010 units which included 1,220 units for the export market.

Under the ‘Make in India, Make for the World’ philosophy, Nissan India aims to make Magnite a globally hit product. The Japanese carmaker was not having a great time in India before the launch of Magnite. Rumours were suggesting that Nissan was planning to exit India. But, the overwhelming response of the Magnite has turned the fortune for Nissan India.

Nissan Magnite Is Already A Hit In Nepal

The sub-four-meter SUV hit the Nepalese market back in February 2021. Nissan claims that the car registered 2,292 bookings within just 30 days of its launch. And this figure is quite remarkable, given the monthly average car sales in Nepal stand at around 1,580 units. The price proposition, along with the SUV-like stance and ground clearance, is one of the major USPs of the Magnite. Even in India, customers are very much attracted by the ‘Value-For-Money’ factor of the Magnite, which is selling in good numbers. Nissan confirmed that the start of the third shift in its manufacturing plant earlier this year has helped in increasing the production.

The Road Ahead From Here

Given the increasing demand for SUVs and electric cars in the Indian market, we can expect Nissan to launch some new products soon. Nissan has been a pioneer in the electric vehicle segment globally. Nissan Leaf was the world’s top-selling electric vehicle until Tesla Model 3 overtook it in 2020. As it stands, Nissan is entirely focused on the Indian market. And we are pretty much sure the car manufacturer also has some big plans which will get revealed in due time.

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