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NIJ Automotive Accelero+ offers range of 120 km/charge

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Emerging Indian electric vehicle company Nij Automotive has announced that the brand has extended its product line-up. The Accelero electric scooter now gets an extension called Accelero+. The brand has revealed that the new Accelero+ will come with an enhanced battery range features but still an affordable price tag.

Nij Automotive Accelero+ – Top Features

The Nij Automotive Accelero+ comes with features such as Cruise Control, Disc Brakes, Tubeless tyres, Reverse Assist etc. The brand also claims that the new Accelero+ will offer a range of 120 km on a single charge. The Accelero+ also gets sleek twin split headlamps with LED daytime running lights. The scooter also comes with a light on the handlebar shroud, enhancing visibility and safety. The Accelero+ comes with chiselled body panels and an ergonomic seat with a backrest for the pillion.

Nij Automotive Accelero+ – Powertrain

Powering the Accelero+ is a 250W BLDC high torque​ electric motor with a Sine Wave controller. The Accelero+ comes with a Lead Acid battery that can be charged in 6-8 hours with a VRLA 3A charger and 3-4 hours with an LFP 6A charger. ​The electric scooter also comes with three modes, Telescopic Suspension on the front and Dual Coil Spring Hydraulic Suspension on the rear.

Nij automotive Accelero+ – Colour Options

The Nij Automotive Accelero+ comes with four colour options – Imperial Red, Black beauty, Pearl White and Grey Touch.

Nij Automotive – Electric Scooter Range in India

Nij Automotive has four electric scooters in the Indian market. This includes the QV60, Accelero, Accelero+ and Flion electric scooters. While the Accelero comes with a price tag of INR 45,000 ex-showroom, the Flion is priced at INR 47,000 ex-showroom. The top of the range QV60 comes with a price tag of INR 51,999 ex-showroom. Nij Automotive is yet to announce the price tag of the Accelero+ electric scooter in the Indian market.

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