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Nexzu Mobility launches Roadlark e-cycle, 100 km in single charge

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Nexzu mobility, formerly known as Avan Motors has revealed the first long-range e-Cycle in the Indian market, the Roadlark. The Nexzu Roadlark comes with a price tag of INR 42,000. Currently, the brand is shipping the Nexzu Roadlark free of charge in select markets. Nexzu will sell the Roadlark e-cycle via the brand’s online sales channels and more than 90 Nexzu dealerships across India.

Nexzu Roadlark Electric Cycle

The Nexzu Roadlark is India’s first electric cycle with a range of 100 km on a single charge. The brand boasts that the Roadlark is designed, engineered and produced in the Indian market. The Roadlark comes with features such as a removable battery and dual disc brakes. The e-cycle also features an innovative ‘Dual Battery System.

A lightweight, removable 8.7Ah primary battery and a 5.2 Ah in-frame secondary battery. The battery pack can recharge using a domestic socket. The battery pack can deliver a range of 100 km on pedlec mode and 75 km on the throttle mode. The electric motor is also capable of propelling the e-cycle to a top speed of 25kmph. The Nexzu Roadlark e-cycle also gets features such as 6 different riding modes, dual ventilated disc brakes and a rugged suspension system.

The electric bicycle is targeted towards customers looking for affordable and eco-friendly day to day intra city commutes. The automotive-grade build quality and cold rolled steel frame delivers a sturdy ride as well as durability in the long run, claims the company. This means the NexzuRoadlark competes with other electric scooters but at an affordable price and running cost.

Nexzu Roadlark Production

The brand has a manufacturing plant in Chakan near Pune, Maharashtra. Nexzu boasts that the new Roadlark is line-line with the improvement of the environment and economy of the country under the Make in India initiative. Through Roadlark, Nexzu aims to become the number 1 urban mobility brand in the country. Apart from the Roadlark, Nexzu’s range of products also include other affordable e-scooters and e-cycles. These include the Rompus, Rompus+, Dextro and Dextro+.