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Nexzu launches Roadlark Cargo for e-commerce deliveries

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Indian green mobility solutions company, Nexzu has launched a new electric bicycle for commercial deliveries. The new electric bicycle is based on the Roadlark e-Cycle and aptly christened Roadlark Cargo. The new cargo version of the Roadlark e-Cycle will help the e-commerce sector with zero tailpipe emission in their last-mile deliveries.

The Roadlark Cargo will go on sale across India and targets customers in restaurants, cloud kitchens, and supermarkets. The e-Cycle can also deliver goods for retail outlets, industrial parks and essential service suppliers. The brand will also be able to serve garages, service & maintenance companies etc., for the delivery of spare parts using the e-Cycle.

Reducing Carbon Emissions One Day at a Time

Nexzu aims to transform hyperlocal and e-commerce delivery vehicles into electric vehicles. This will help create a network of sustainable delivery solutions in the last mile. This considerably reduces the carbon footprint and per day impact on the planet. Many e-commerce companies are considering switching to affordable and eco-friendly ways of transporting small goods using electric-powered vehicles. Nexzu Roadlark Cargo helps implement the sustainable mobility solution using the e-Cycle.

Nexzu Roadlark Cargo e-Cycle

The Nexzu Roadlark Cargo e-Cycle features a load-carrying capacity of up to 50 Kgs. The e-Cargo Carrier comes with a dual battery system – one fixed and another detachable. This helps the user charge the portable battery at home or office and swap an exhausted battery for a fresh one. Using electric power, the e-Cycle can reach a top speed of up to 25 km/h and comes with advanced features such as dual e-disc brakes. The company also claims that the cost of delivery can be reduced by 95%, and the e-Cycle is safer for the rider than other modes of transport.

Nexzu has also created a dedicated support team to address all service needs concerning the product. This will ensure the seamless functioning of the delivery system throughout the journey. 

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