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NEXA Music Season 2 – Platform for Musician

Written by Nayak

NEXA Music Season 2 is here. After witnessing the immense success of NEXA Music Season 1, Maruti Suzuki India Limited today announced the launch of the NEXA Music Season 2. NEXA Music is a platform curated to promote aspiring Indian musicians to showcase their talent. Furthermore, it also encourages the creation of international standard English music. The NEXA Music Season 1 saw a participation of 1000 entries globally. Twenty-four participants then got the mentoring from A R Rahman.

As part of this event, a total of 34 new English songs with music videos were released. These songs garnered a total of 75 million views on the NEXA Music YouTube channel. Moreover, two dedicated playlists were also created, one with the ten marquee songs from headline artists and super winners. Meanwhile other with 24 Songs from Lab artists on leading audio streaming sites like Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music. Season 1 also had an on-ground music event experience with four live gigs featuring artists from NEXA Music across Mumbai, Gurugram, Chennai and Bangalore.

Season 2 Of Nexa Music

From all the entries, the jury comprising of A R Rahman, NEXA and Qyuki will shortlist 24 contestants. Then, these 24 artists will undergo a mentorship program at the ‘NEXA Music Lab’ to further brush up their singing talent. All shortlisted 24 artists will professionally reproduce a music video featuring the artist. Then from here, the top 4 will grab the crown of Super Winners of Season 2.

These artists will get to compose an additional new original English song under the mentorship of the music producer. Season 2 of Nexa Music will centre around the pillars of NEXA Music Lounge and NEXA Music Lab to discover and celebrate upcoming artists. NEXA Music Lab will play a key role in Season 2 in attracting and recruiting new emerging talent. The Lab process will also form an episodic show from the hunt to the selection.

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