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New Volvo 9600 & Eicher Inter-City Coach revealed at Prawaas 3.0

Written by Nayak

VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd. recently unveiled the next generation Volvo and Eicher intercity buses at Prawaas 3.0. Under this, we get to see the Volvo 9600 15m and Eicher 13.5m intercity coach. Noteworthy to mention the design of the bus has been inspired by an award-winning European design. These launches also reiterate the company’s continued focus on delivering futuristic industry-leading products.

VE mentioned that the Indian bus industry is on the path to revival. With the Covid-19 situation under control, the market is now opening up across segments. Thus inter-city travel is picking up robustly and will soon touch pre-COVID levels. Taking this into consideration, these luxurious buses from Volvo and Eicher aim to set new benchmarks in long-distance travel and pave the path for the industry. This strong line-up of next-gen buses will provide comfort and safety combined with greater efficiency, thus elevating the customer experience to new highs.

The Volvo 9600 and the Eicher Intercity Coach are a testimony to the brand’s commitment to the Indian market. Furthermore, these vehicles also adhere to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. The Indian bus segment is a very competitive market. Hence to attract maximum engagement, VE has a range of products that offer the most compelling proposition across all segments. This includes both inter-city and long-distance travel. VE promises to build on its portfolio of technologically advanced and sustainable products that will address the evolving market needs without any compromise on customer experience. Inter-city vehicles showcased at Prawaas 3.0:

Buses In Discussion

Volvo 9600

The debut of the next-generation Volvo 9600 marks a significant milestone in India. The initial products on this platform are seater and sleeper coaches with dimensions of 15m 6×2 and 13.5m 4×2. The Volvo 9600 is a proper choice in 2022, with its luxury, comfort and safety. Fine aesthetics and ample room with tall boy design combine to provide the best in-cabin experience. The sleeper coaches have 40 berths. Meanwhile, the 15-metre seater coach can accommodate 55 passengers. There are 15.1 cubic metres of luggage space in the seater application and 9.2 cubic metres in the sleeper application. VE also mentioned that up to 47 people can sit in the 13.5-meter coach, as against 36 people in the sleeper version.

Eicher 13.5m Intercity Coach

The Eicher 13.5m Intercity Coach addresses the operator’s demand for a mid-premium HD bus. The bus uses a proven engine, thus ensuring performance, class-leading reliability, and improved functionality. This is also the first OEM-built FE Coach with seater and sleeper configuration. The bus uses a VEDX5 engine with a power of 240 hp and torque of 900 Nm. The equipped 425L HDPE fuel tank promises long trips, and its lightweight construction improves fuel efficiency. The sleek Tall Boy design and layered surfaces of the contemporary design also make the bus aesthetically appealing.

Eicher Skyline Pro E

The Eicher Skyline Pro E is a fully electric city bus that made its debut at the event. With orders from the prestigious cities of Chandigarh and Surat in place, the Eicher Skyline Pro E is now a chief competitor in the EV bus business.

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