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New safety feature from Bosch will help prevent two-wheeler crashes

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Bosch is known for expanding horizons when it comes to delivering safety features to the automobile space. Now, the German brand is working on yet another such feature for motorcycle safety which will prevent crashes to a certain extent. While this project is still not seen on any road legal motorcycle, the testing of such technology is only making us think of its benefits.

The new Bosch system is said to make use of gas thrusters which will avoid sliding & crashing when cornering. For instance, if the rider loses control over the motorcycle due to poor traction which entering a corner or mid-corner, the gas thruster will push the motorcycle in the respective direction so as to stabilize it. The force from the thruster will allow the rider to gain control again of the motorcycle and eventually with traction gained back, get out of this situation safely without crashing. So for example when the bike loses control over gravel, or a similar situation, the rider can gain back the control of the motorcycle.

The gas being used in these thrusters is similar to that being used for airbags in cars. It is released through nozzles and will be very well hidden in the body of the motorcycle not ruining the aesthetic appeal.

Bosch has not revealed when this technology / safety feature will be allowed for companies to make use on their two-wheelers. For now, this remains a concept, which is rather successful.