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New Kia Seltos has bagged 50,000+ bookings

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

The Kia Seltos has achieved a remarkable milestone by garnering over 50,000 bookings in just two months since its launch in India. This achievement not only establishes the Seltos as a formidable contender in the competitive compact SUV segment but also reinforces Kia’s reputation as one of the quickest automotive manufacturers to reach this milestone. With its blend of premium features, advanced technology, and diesel variants, the Seltos has captured the admiration of Indian car enthusiasts and is rapidly gaining popularity.

Kia Seltos Is A Popular Choice In India

The 2023 Kia Seltos has become a highly sought-after choice among Indian consumers, with an impressive average of 806 new bookings received daily. What sets the Seltos apart is its premium appeal, with a remarkable 77 per cent of total bookings made for its top-tier trim variants, starting from the HTX model and above. This preference for higher-end models reflects the demand for a more luxurious and feature-packed driving experience.

An interesting trend in Seltos bookings is the strong inclination toward cutting-edge technology. Over 47 per cent of all bookings were for variants equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), indicating the growing importance of safety and advanced tech features for today’s buyers. This emphasis on technological innovation underscores Kia’s commitment to providing a modern and secure driving experience.

Notably, despite the increasing interest in eco-friendly options, the Kia Seltos continues to resonate with consumers who prefer diesel models. A significant 40 per cent of consumers opted for diesel variants, showcasing the Seltos’ adaptability to different fuel preferences.

Bookings On The Rise For Kia Seltos

The success of the Kia Seltos goes beyond bookings, as the vehicle has achieved an impressive milestone of 400,000 domestic deliveries in India. This accomplishment highlights the model’s outstanding quality and its enduring appeal to Indian consumers. Since its introduction, the Seltos has achieved a total of 547,000 sales, including domestic sales and exports to nearly 100 global markets, solidifying its status as a global success story for Kia.

What’s New In Kia Seltos?

The new Seltos, launched on July 21, 2023, features a refreshed design, sportier performance, a robust exterior, a futuristic cabin, and advanced technology, offering a total of 32 features, including 15 comprehensive safety features as standard and 17 ADAS Level 2 autonomous features. Additionally, the Seltos boasts a Dual Screen Panoramic Display, Dual Zone Fully Automatic Air Conditioner, and Dual Pane Panoramic Sunroof, enhancing its appeal to tech-savvy and discerning consumers. The booking frenzy for the new Seltos began on July 14, 2023, and with its exceptional reception in the Indian market, Kia appears poised to continue its successful journey in the highly competitive automotive industry.

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