Indian Railway coaches overhauled

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Indian Railways is one of the longest railways network worldwide and to maintain it, is a unique thing in itself. Indian Railways enjoys it’s own genre of travelers and in between all this busy routine, Indian Railways is getting or shall we say was getting old. Old stinky coaches and unhygienic compartments of coaches were quite prominent but tables are starting to turn now.

Indian Railways have renewed the old, stinky and unshaped coaches of railways. The new coaches have been built with safety, comfort & luxury in mind.

Apart from newer paint schemes, new inside panels and color tones have vastly improved the overall ambience of the cabin. Newly redesigned ladders to climb to upper berths, newly designed snack tables and curtains have been replaced by venetian blinds and roller blinds. Also, fire extinguisher have found it’s way down to every coach.

Also, new lights and electrical fittings, berth reading lights, embarking lights and LED berth indicators have been installed for night visibility inside cabin.

Enhancing the safety, the electrical points have been shifted to non passenger area to a centralized board. Also, the washrooms have been renewed completely to make them more hygienic and for better convenience. New modules, exhaust fans, big mirror, platform washbasin, controlled discharged water tap, odor control system comprise of the new features.

The renewing work took place at the Railway’s Carriage Rehabilitation Center in Bhopal. INR 25 lakh has been spent on this refinement of each coach and an estimated cost of a planned number of 111 coaches would be around INR 31.5 crore.

Updated-Train-Coach-2 Updated-Train-Coach-8 Updated-Train-Coach-9