New Ford EcoSport accident, 4 dead! Drive Safe, Choose Wisely

Written by Parichay Malvankar

A family of 4 lost their lives who were traveling in the current generation Ford EcoSport compact-SUV. The Ford EcoSport rammed into a truck, and was crumpled to a state where escaping without injury was not possible, and sadly, both children and their parents who were occupants in this vehicle have lost their lives.

Firstly, we urge road users to drive / ride responsible. Also, choose your car / bike wisely. Safety is of utmost important. And even with all the safety features in place, do not feel invincible when behind the wheel. Your safety is always an outcome of your self control. Unfortunate incidents can occur, but always take precautions.

It is being said that the new Ford EcoSport involved in this accident suffered from a tyre burst before ramming into an incoming truck on the other side although nobody has brought up any confirmed evidence if this is what actually happened. While tyre burst is being considered as a visible reason at the accident spot, this could have happened after the major impact as well.

The family of 4 were returning back from Hyderabad before this unfortunate accident happened near Nizamabad. This is a high speed route.

The new generation EcoSport involved seems like the Titanium or Titanium+ model considering that it was running on OEM alloy wheels.

ABS, EBD, Airbags all such features can help to a certain extent in times of a mishap. However, avoiding that to the fullest is more of the drivers responsibility than the cars duty to protect. Here’s what you should always do during long drives:

  1. Keep tyre pressures checked
  2. Driver must keep a tab of speed limits
  3. Driver must not be fatigued, should take breaks to relax
  4. Always watch out for other road users, and avoid proximity to reckless drivers

Let’s pray for the souls of the deceased to Rest in Peace