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New driving license & renewal to get expensive

Parichay Malvankar
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Union government has proposed a new Motor Vehicle (Amendment) Bill 2016 and it could make getting a new driving license as well as renewing it expensive. The proposal is still a draft and not approved at the moment. If it’s given a green light, getting a new (first time) driving license would cost Rs. 1,200. This is noticeably higher than the previous fee of Rs. 320.

Also, those applying for a smart card license will have to pay Rs. 400 as opposed to the current fee of Rs. 200.

Learners driving license would be available for Rs. 150, up from the current fee of Rs. 30. If the applicant wishes to get a driving test, then he will be charged Rs. 50 extra.

Detailed driving tests for each class of vehicles will cost Rs. 300.

Renewing your old license would cost Rs. 200, up from the current fee of Rs. 50.

Applying for an international driving license will make you sheel out Rs. 1,000, up from the current fee of Rs. 500.

With all of these rate changes, expect driving training to become expensive too.