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New Ather Rizta electric family scooter teased

Ather Rizta
Written by News Team

Ather Energy has recently hinted at the imminent launch of its latest electric scooter, the “Rizta,” designed explicitly with families in mind. Departing from the sporty and youthful design language seen in the 450 Series, the Rizta aims to address the unique requirements of family-oriented users, signaling a strategic shift for the company.

Ather Rizta – What we know

Testing of the Rizta has been underway in Bengaluru, and has been spotted by enthusiasts more than a few times. The news follows a prior announcement by Tarun Mehta, Ather Energy’s Co-founder & CEO, in November, promising a larger, family-friendly scooter prioritizing comfort, safety, space, and affordability. Adding to the excitement, Mehta recently shared a video teaser on Twitter, unveiling the name “Rizta” for the family-oriented scooter. The development of Rizta dates back to 2019. The official unveiling of the scooter is scheduled for the Ather Community Day Celebration 2024, with deliveries expected to commence within the next six months.

As the electric scooter industry witnesses a surge in demand, Ather’s move underscores its responsiveness to diverse consumer needs. The Ather Rizta is positioned as a testament to precision engineering, proudly bearing the “Made in India” tag. This family-oriented model aims to redefine the family scooter segment by prioritizing comfort and safety, showcasing Ather Energy’s commitment to exceeding expectations in the electric scooter industry. The family scooter market is much larger than the performance scooter market. The segment is currently ruled by the Bajaj Chetak and the TVS iQube in the electric space. Recently, the River Indie has also joined the bandwagon.

Stay tuned for more updates as Ather Energy continues to push the boundaries of excellence, catering to the evolving demands of electric mobility enthusiasts.