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MY23 Tata Nexon.EV teased, big updates coming soon

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Tata has just recently revealed the new Nexon facelift. The electric version of the same is also getting the same treatment. Further, it has been reported that the electric Nexon will now get an .EV suffix as well.

What’s new in the Tata Nexon.EV?

The outgoing Nexon’s electric and combustible engine variants look more or less the same, save for a few blue accents. Now, we can see that the facelift versions will have differentiation in the styling department.

Tata’s teaser for the car reveals the front end of the Nexon.EV and the rear tail light. We can see that the rear gets Curvv-inspired LED lightbar.

The Nexon got a dual tone for the ICE variants – body colour + black, while the all-electric variant comes with a single tone colour scheme. The rear is also likely to have .EV branding while Tata could also consider new design alloys.

Other expected updates to the Tata Nexon.EV

Tata will also get rid of the Prime and Max monikers. They will be replaced by Medium range and Long Range instead to distinguish between the two variants. Like the ICE version, Tata will keep the same variants – namely Smart, Pune, Creative and Fearless.

Feature list is likely to be kept common between the regular and electric Nexons.

Powertrain of the Tata Nexon.EV

Mechanically, there are no changes to be expected. The Medium Range variant will come with a 30.2 kWh battery while the Long Range will feature the 40.5 kWh unit. In terms of range, the MR will get an ARAI rated 312 km while the bigger battery will go 453 km on a single charge. The 40.5 kWh battery variant will be offered with a 3.3 kW or a 7.2 kW AC charger.

The motor in the Medium Range will be rated at 129 HP and 245 Nm while the Long Range will have an output of 143 HP and 250 Nm.

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