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MY22 Maruti Suzuki ‘New Age Baleno’ will arrive in 7 variants and colours

Written by Akhil Dalvi

On 7th February 2022, one of India’s highest-selling car manufacturers, Maruti Suzuki, released a teaser of their upcoming new Baleno. Along with commencing pre-bookings for the ‘New Age’ Baleno, Maruti Suzuki will equip the premium hatchback with a heads-up display. Meanwhile, a recently leaked document showcased that the automaker will offer the 2022 Baleno in 7 different variants and colours. The ‘New Age’ Baleno will reportedly sport automatic and manual transmissions on select variants with multiple new features and technology.

2022 Maruti Suzuki Baleno: Design, Variants, & Colours 

Based on the teaser released from Maruti Suzuki on Youtube, the Baleno will sport a redesigned front and rear end. This includes the new re-styled sweptback LED headlamps with integrated LED DRLs and slightly revised taillamps with new LED clusters. The leaked document suggests that the ‘New Age’ Baleno will sport Sigma, Delta, Sigma, and Alpha variants for the manual. On the other hand, Maruti Suzuki will reportedly offer the automatic transmission on Delta, Zeta, and Alpha variants.

Maruti Suzuki is likely to offer 7 new colours for the 2022 Baleno based on the information from the leaked report. These include Pearl Arctic White, Splendid Silver, Grandeur Grey, Celestial Blue, Opulent Red, and Luxe Beige, which are all metallic. Interested customers can pay INR 11,000 to book the upcoming premium hatchback by visiting the NEXA dealership or website. By utilising NEXA’s signature “Crafted Futurism” philosophy, the ‘New Age’ Baleno will sport all-new technological features for convenience and safety.

2022 Maruti Suzuki Baleno: Speculated Powertrain & Feature Details 

Maruti Suzuki will provide and reveal the full details of the Baleno as it nears its eventual launch date. However, based on the leaked report, it is likely that the new Baleno will feature a petrol-only powertrain. Maruti Suzuki may carry over the same 1.2-litre, four-cylinder engine with a 12V mild-hybrid option from the current-gen Baleno.

This motor may develop the same 83 PS of power and 113 Nm of torque in the upcoming 2022 Baleno. In terms of features, sources suggest that the ‘New Age’ Baleno will sport 6 airbags, ESP, and thicker grade steel. The new Heads-Up Display will allow drivers to view important information such as current speed, temperature, and real-time mileage.

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