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MV Agusta bikes could be sold at AMG performance centres

MV Agusta bikes could be sold at Mercedes-AMG performance centres

Daimler will begin cross-marketing activities between the Mercedes-AMG performance division for MV Agusta motorcycles. This marketing alliance will work similar to what was the case with Daimler and Ducati previously before being bought out by Volkswagen Group’s Audi brand.

It has been noticed that buyers for both, the Mercedes-Benz AMG cars and those buying MV Agusta superbikes fall in the same customer profile and it will be a good thing to have a mix of two and four wheeled performance products under one roof.

Mercedes does not have any interest in motorcycle operations and will not decide anything about the engines and components MV Agusta bikes will be sold with.

Daimler hasn’t revealed financials of the MV Agusta acquisition yet.

The plan is to sell MV Agusta motorcycles via select Mercedes-AMG performance centres globally. Currently there are 260 of such performance centres around the globe, out of which, there is one located at New Delhi, India.

Sighting the growth potential in the Indian superbike market, we would be keen to know if Daimler plans to ride in the MV Agusta brand in India. Time will tell…

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Source – AutomotiveNewsEurope