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Moto Vault multi-brand super bike franchise will sell Moto Morini & Zontes

Written by Nayak

Adishwar Auto Ride India has announced the launch of Moto Vault, a multi-brand superbike franchise. Under this, Moto Vault will offer its customers a wide range of products. These will also include products from various different makers. The initial plan is to establish a strong network of 23 touch points across the country. For now, the facility will display the Moto Morini and Zontes range of superbikes. Then in the future, more world-class brands will have their place in the coming months.

The working personnel at Moto Vault will do all the training as per global standards. This will provide them with enough knowledge and expertise to offer the best in terms of sales, service, and customer experience. With these dealerships, Moto Vault also claims to deliver best-in-class, stress-free ownership for the customers. The setting up of Moto Vault is great news that will further encourage more engagement in the motorcycle community.

Moto Vault – A Brief Overview

This is the latest venture from AARI. Moto Vault has its name as a multi-brand superbike franchise that comprises critically acclaimed brands. Brands like the Italian Icon Moto Morini and Zontes. Soon many more world-class brands will join in too. As per Moto Vault, their core philosophy is to disrupt the premium two-wheeler mobility segment for the Indian market. They will provide access to attractive, powerful, robust, well-equipped and well-reviewed products from world-class brands across the world at a competitive price.

Arrival Of Moto Morini And Zontes In India

Moto Morini recently made its debut in India and will launch 4 products. The motorcycle brand has partnered with Adishwar Auto Ride Pvt. Ltd. (AARI) for its Indian journey.

On the other hand, Zontes has also made its way into the Indian market. This two-wheeler maker has also tied up with Adishwar Auto Ride Pvt. Ltd. Initially, Zontes plans to bring 6 models to the Indian market.

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