Most expensive tyre set in the world – Rs. 4.02 crore

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Yes, you read it right. Z-Tyres, a Dubai based tyre manufacturing firm decided to manufacture the world’s most expensive tyre set which gets 24 carat gold and decorated with diamonds. Having entered the Guinness Book of World Record, this tyre set will set you back by Rs. 4.02 crore.

Tyres worth Rs 4 cr

Z Foundation is the parent company of Z-Tyres and will donate the entire amount accumulated through the sale of these tyres for charity, primarily focusing on education.

The glam quotient to the tyre was added by exclusive jeweler Joaillier Prive & his Italian jewelry designers who have used 24 carat gold and specially selected diamonds. Specialits in UAE gave the final touchers by adding a gold leaf layer for the tyres.

Tyres which cost more than some super exotic cars on sale in the world, INSANE!