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MoRTH says bike taxi’s are legal, advisory for state governments

Written by News Team

In a landmark decision, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has announced that bike taxis are now legal in India. This move is expected to revolutionize the transportation sector and provide a significant boost to the gig economy.

MoRTH Advisory

The Ministry issued an advisory to all state governments, outlining the regulatory framework for the operation of bike taxis. The advisory aims to ensure that the services are implemented in a manner that guarantees the safety and welfare of both the riders and the passengers.

“Bike taxis have the potential to provide a cost-effective and efficient mode of transport, especially for short distances,” said a spokesperson from MoRTH. “They can also play a crucial role in reducing traffic congestion in our cities.”

The advisory issued by MoRTH provides guidelines on various aspects of bike taxi operations, including driver licensing, vehicle registration, and safety measures. It also emphasizes the need for proper insurance coverage for both the driver and the passenger.

State governments are expected to adapt these guidelines according to their local needs and conditions. They have been advised to put in place mechanisms for effective monitoring and enforcement of these regulations.

This decision by MoRTH is expected to pave the way for the growth of app-based bike taxi services, which have been operating in a regulatory grey area until now. The grey area was a reason why some state governments have banned the operation of bike taxis in their states. It is also likely to encourage more players to enter this space, leading to increased competition and better services for consumers.

While this is a welcome move, it remains to be seen how effectively the guidelines will be implemented on the ground, and how they will impact the existing public transport systems. Some states had seen pushback from auto rickshaws and taxi operators as bike taxis had hampered their business. It will be a tough decision for some governments to implement the new advisory and allow operation of bike taxis.