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More dope on Ducati’s electric super bike

Written by Rohit Tonapi

Ducati has just revealed new details about its MotoE V21L race bike. The brand continues testing the bike before it makes its debut as the MotoE race bike. The model will soon compete in the FIM MotoE World Cup. Ducati will be the sole supplier of the 18 bikes that will be on the racing grid. 

Ducati first revealed the design of the bike in April through several teasers. It still remains in the prototype stage. However, we get to see the motorcycle in much more detail now.

Ducati MotoE V21L Electric Race Bike – New Details

The V21L is every bit a race bike, with its sharp bodywork and a nose-down tail-up stance. You also get to see a large section of the carbon fibre frame below the bike’s seat. The tail of the bike also houses an integrated 20 kW charging socket.

The battery has a capacity of 18 kWh and features a carbon fibre casing. Ducati is also using 1,152 cylindrical cells of the 21700 type. It weighs 110 kg and makes up almost half of the bike’s weight. Ducati mounted it diagonally within the front monocoque frame. Furthermore, the V21L’s battery also acts as a stressed member of the frame. The total weight of the bike is 225 kg. Though it seems heavy, it is 12 kg less than the minimum requirements by Dorna and FIM. 

The V21L’s output is limited to 110 kW and 140 Nm of torque. Ducati has also limited the top speed of the V21L to 275 kmph. Powering the bike is a motor that spins up to 18,000 rpm and weighs 21 kg. The whole system operates at 800 volts to maximise performance and efficiency.

Ducati also designed a dual cooling system for the V21L. It consists of a large radiator for the battery pack and a smaller radiator below it for the motor and inverter. Ducati says the setup guarantees consistency in performance and also charging times. The brand says the bike can be charged without waiting for the battery pack to cool down. This means the race teams can start charging as soon as the bike enters the garage. The V21L can charge from 0 to 80 per cent in about 45 minutes.

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