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More details revealed about MG Astor’s AI assistant

Written by Nayak

The upcoming MG Astor is one of the most anticipated car launches this year. And MG now has revealed more details about the vehicle. The personal AI assistant voice in the car would be the voice of Paralympic athlete and Khel Ratna Awardee Dr Deepa Malik. Also known as ‘The Woman on Wheels’, Dr Deepa Malik is the epitome of women empowerment in the country. Deepa has her name listed on record books for her achievements in several driving feats across various terrains. And MG expects that her voice in Astor will bring in a lot more weight, thus encouraging more customers to join the brand’s umbrella.

What To Expect In The Upcoming MG Astor?

The company had recently teased the vehicle showcasing the front grille and tagline ‘India’s First Car With AI Inside’. This is similar to what MG had done with Hector when they had aggressively advertised its ‘Internet Inside’ tagline. Soon, this became an identity of Hector, which helped in creating a unique proposition, thus resulting in higher sales volumes. Customers were quite attracted to the ‘Internet Inside’ concept, and therefore MG was quite successful with the marketing idea. Keeping this in mind, MG is somewhat trying to replicate the same with Astor with its ‘India’s First Car With AI Inside’ tagline.

MG Astor AI-Enabled Features

The term ‘AI’ is already in everyone’s mouth given the current digital revolution, and hence customers will find this relatable. Not only this, MG Astor does live up to its tagline as well. The car comes with a host of AI-powered features. This includes a personal assistant that will have human-like emotions and voices. This AI-enabled voice assistance can interact with the passengers and read jokes, chit-chat, play music, select in-car controls, navigate news, critical in-car warnings and more. As a trademark of MG, this voice command will understand the Hinglish, just like in the current iteration of the MG Hector’s voice command.

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