Modified Maruti 800 with scissor doors!

Modified Maruti 800 with scissor doors!
Written by Paarth Powale

A few years ago, it was India’s favorite commuter car. Yes we are talking about the Maruti Suzuki 800.

Small, compact, takes less parking space and fuel efficient, lived up to to the term affordable motoring in the 80’s. But we recently came across a Maruti 800 which has more than the perks mentioned, ‘swag’.


The owner/modifier has made this car look like a favorite from the 70’s. Plus red paint all over with white roof. Extended front and rear bumpers. The car even gets a hood scoop and sunroof. The car has undergone a lot of other bodywork including the Hyundai Accent headlights, Volkswagen Polo tail lights and black alloy rims to go with the look. The rear spoiler and door lacks ingenuity. But we were blown away when we saw the 4 doors converted to 2 ‘scissor doors’. Yes you heard us right, the doors open upward like the Lamborghini.



The modifier has done a decent job putting it all together. We are not sure of what’s under the hood, will update once we have more details. Watch this space for further updates.