Mobile App to find parking spot soon

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Finding a parking spot inside a crowded city is a problem that commuters face on a daily basis and especially people with big sized cars. Well, creating new parking spaces might not be so easy for Government but finding a parking spot for you could become easier in Chennai.

A software company has recently come up with a mobile application that helps in finding the parking spot for your car in a messed up parking area. The app has been developed for car users only and helps in finding the ‘Spot Parking’.

The mobile app will be launched in Chennai soon with at least 1,000 spots in city for spot parking.

An automatic update for the listed parking lots will occur, once the user installs the application on their smartphones. If the parking space has been used already by someone else, a parking attendant will resolve it manually.

Also, apartment owners with no cars can rent out their parking lots with the help of this app. Plans to introduce dynamic parking fee to match the demand with supply – like how cab operators like Uber and Ola engage in surge prices are also on shelves. One person would be deployed over the 25 parking slot area, thus providing the employment opportunities in city.

An estimated INR 450 crore revenue can be generated by the corporation.