Mitsubishi admits fuel economy fraud

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Mitsubishi has recently admitted that they had been altering their cars to showcase more fuel economy figures during tests conducted for official claims.

Over 6,25,000 vehicles sold by Mitsubishi might be having false fuel economy claims. This includes products from Mitsubishi along with some models for Nissan which are jointly developed. 4.68 lakh units of Nissan and 1.57 units of Mitsubishi models are affected by this scam.

However, at the moment, only 4 cars are being identified under this scam. This includes the Dayz & Dayz Roox from Nissan and eK Wagon and eK Space for Mitsubishi. All these ‘Kei’ cars are popular in the Asian continent.

The brand has accepted that they conducted testing in an inappropriate manner to fudge figures.

The company has now stopped production and sales of these models and will also investigate products sold in the international markets as well.

Mitsubishi is already struggling worldwide when it comes to sales. When a giant like Volkswagen is still struggling to get their image sorted after the dieselgate scandal, we just wonder what will it take for Mitsubishi to clean this tarnished image.