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Michelin tyre prices in India increased by 6-8%

Written by Nayak

Michelin announces price hike for the Africa, India and the Middle East Region markets. The tyre company mentioned that it would increase the prices by up to 8 per cent, applicable to all Michelin Group brands. The price hike of up to 6 per cent will affect the passenger car, light truck and motorcycle tyre segment.

Meanwhile, both on and off-road commercial tyres will get a price hike of up to 8 per cent. Michelin mentioned that this price hike is effective from 18th June for India. And, for the Middle East region, the new prices will come into effect from 1st July. The brand will update all the necessary details to all the Michelin dealers by the 1st week of June.

Michelin’s WISAMO Project Aims To Reduce Maritime CO2 Emissions

At the 2021 Movin’On global sustainable mobility summit, Michelin introduced its Wing Sail Mobility project. This is an automated, telescopic and inflatable wing sail that incorporates wind energy as a source of propulsion for the ships. The inflatable wing sail makes use of wind, which is an inexhaustible free natural resource.

Michelin claims that this revolutionary design can reduce a ship’s fuel consumption by around 20 per cent. Thus, helping in reducing the carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment. The WISAMO project team mentioned that the system would primarily benefit ro-ro ships, oil and gas tankers and bulk carriers. The team also confirmed that WISAMO could also retrofit the system on in-service vessels.

Michelin Introduces Track Tyres Made Up of 46% Sustainable Content

In the same 2021 Movin’On global sustainable mobility summit, Michelin introduced a new set of race tyres. GreenGT Mission H24 hydrogen-powered prototype will use these performance tyres made from 46 per cent sustainable materials. This is quite a remarkable feat, as everyone thought high-performance race tyres could not have any recycled substance as raw materials.

Michelin mentioned that this tyre uses everyday items like recycled steel from aluminium cans, orange and lemon rind, sunflower oil and pine resin. The company’s initial milestone is to use 40 per cent sustainable materials in all its tyres by 2030. And as we advance from here, the target is to use 100 per cent sustainable materials by 2050.

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