‘Mi Climate’ – Riders personal air conditioning device

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

Riding on a hot summer day to work and riding back home is a completely hectic task and things become even worse when you have to get stuck in heavy traffic jams in peak traffic hours with temperatures climbing above 40 degree Celsius. How about if tell you that there is an air-conditioning device for you on your two-wheeler? Sounds cool right?

Yes, Mi Climate, has developed a device that does the job of providing air-conditioning to riders on two-wheelers. This is basically a belt with a unique concept and is currently available as pre-order.


Effective in bringing down temperature by a good 10 degree celsius, Mi Climate can also be used to increase the temperature up to 20 degree Celsius on a cold winter day. This device can easily be strapped on the belly of rider where the vents present lead to the cooling or heating of riders body according to the commands given.


Another good feature is that this device can be operated through Bluetooth and the temperatures can be changed on-the-go. It is rechargeable through the use of batteries and a four hour back up is what a fully charged set of batteries will provide you.

The company has constructed the device through a rubber strap all around that leads to the reduction of jerkiness and vibrations. Another option that this device gives is the use of a USB charger to charge the device or through the power supplied from the motorcycle battery.

The MiClimate will go on sale soon for $269. Expect a lot of riders in India to import / order this product as riding in summer would become a lot easier with this

The device is super light weighing at just 1.5 lbs.