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MG, Start-up India & Invest India to further develop Car as a Platform

Written by Nayak

MG Motor India announces the 3rd season of its unique Developer Program and Grant. Under this, MG wants to develop the concept of ‘Car as a Platform’ that instils integrated software at the core of vehicle development. This event gets the support of Startup India and Invest India. The main aim of the event is to encourage tech start-ups to build new, technologically advanced applications and experiences for cars.

For this season, the theme is Car as a Platform (CaaP). And the participants will work their way out to integrate tech and make cars safer and smarter. From MG’s side, they have unveiled an in-depth white paper on CaaP to illustrate the game-changing applications of this futuristic technology. Other partners of this event include the likes of Jio, SAP, Adobe, KoineArth, L&T Technology Services, MapMyIndia, and Bosch.

Who Can Participate?

MG India has mentioned that this event is open for start-ups, developers, or individuals under three categories. These are Security (car and driver analytics), Utility (location tracking, GPS navigation, search, payment) and Entertainment (games, music, etc.) For the past two seasons, over 500 start-ups have been a part of this event. And for this season as well, MG expects a large number of participants to tune in.

MG India Propelling The Tech Aspect

Ever since Morris Garages entered the Indian automotive space, tech has been their forte. Their first ever car for the Indian market, Hector, was the product that popularized the connected tech car concept. With its trademark badge of ‘Internet Inside’, Hector did attract a healthy number of customers. As Indians, who have a soft corner for high tech features and equipment, made Hector an instant success for MG.

Taking this forward, MG added the ADAS features with the Gloster, thus making it the only car in its segment to get these features. And now, with Astor, MG is setting up its game even further. The mid-size SUV is in much demand with its futuristic AI-based features. We are pretty sure MG will keep working on what it does the best and push India mobility space to a whole new level.

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