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MG sets up 50 kW Superfast EV charging station in Pune

Written by Nayak

MG Motor India, along with Fortum, has set up a 50 kW Superfast public EV charging station in Pune. This smart charger is accessible to anyone who has an EV car compatible with CCS2 (Combined Charging System). Customers first need to register themselves on Fortum’s mobile app to use this charging facility. In recent years, we are witnessing a steady growth in electric vehicles. Factors like high fuel prices and attractive subsidies on electric vehicles are one of the key factors pushing customers to buy an electric vehicle.

The e-mobility infrastructure is still at a nascent stage, but now many automotive companies are investing heavily to set up their own charging stations. This is helping to build a vast e-mobility infrastructure in the country.

Fortum Charging Station Charges The ZS EV from 0 to 80% in 50 Minutes

This collaboration with MG Motor is quite beneficial for Fortum. As the British carmaker has set up massive targets to improve the e-mobility infrastructure in the country. MG’s ZS EV is one of the few electric cars on sale in India. And, the car is doing pretty well in terms of sales figures. Currently, ZS EV has its presence in over 37 cities across India, proving that the SUV’s success is not limited to metro cities only. The partnership of MG and Fortum first took off in 2019, and since then, they have built a network of 11 DC fast chargers. These charges have their presence in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad.

More About Fortum

Fortum is a European energy company that has operations in over 40 countries. The company’s key focus for the Indian market is on the Solar, EV Charging infrastructure, Bioethanol and NOx reduction solutions. As of now, Fortum Charge and Drive India operate a wide network of smart public chargers. Their network consists of 105 DC Fast Public Charging Points and 4 Type-2 charging points in 10 cities. Currently, the company has registered 3,000 EV users, and soon the figure will rise in the coming years.

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