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MG Motor India plans to sanitize 4,000 police vehicles

Written by Nizam Shaikh

One of the frontline warriors in the ongoing battle with the Coronavirus/COVID-19 is our Police force and showing its commitment towards the community, MG Motor India has announced that the company will sanitise 4000 police vehicles across the country at their service stations free of cost starting 4th May 2020. The sanitisation process will include a thorough car wash on the exterior as well as cabin refresh, fumigation and sanitising high touchpoints on the interior and exterior of the vehicles. 

MG Motor India has employed a new technology that makes use of vapours to fumigate the interiors of the vehicle. The vapours ensure that every nook and cranny of the vehicle is reached and micro-organisms and other harmful particles are neutralised to ensure the safety of all the car occupants. 

The Police vehicles irrespective of its brand will be fumigated and sanitised at MG Motor dealerships to warrant that the frontline warriors do not have wait for long as their vehicles get sanitised for the next trip. The brand will be working closely with local police authorities under advanced safety protocols to carry out the process. MG Motor India has also partnered with leading car detailing companies such as 3M and Würth (Wuerth India) to support the sanitisation process. 

As reported earlier, MG Motor India has decided to hand over 100 Hector SUVs which can be used by doctors, medical staff, police and government officials. The MG Hector SUV will be provided free of cost and along with the SUV, the brand has employed a driver and its fuel to perform transport duties for our frontline warriors. MG has also modified an MG Hector into an ambulance and has been donated to healthcare authorities in Vadodara, Gujarat. 

MG has launched the Disinfect and Deliver initiative that focuses on sanitised test drive cars and sanitised and contactless delivery of new vehicles. The brand has also partnered with a Singapore based air-purifier manufacturer called Medklinn to evaluate an air-con based air purification and air and surface sterilisation system for MG cars.