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MG Motor India’s small smart EV named as ‘Comet’

Written by Kanad Kalasur

MG has named its upcoming Smart EV as the Comet. Taking inspiration from the iconic 1934 British aeroplane, the EV is positioned as a city car. The 1934 British Comet was known for its participation in the England-Australia MacRobertson Air Race.

The MG’s naming continues to take inspiration from aircrafts. The company’s first car in India, the MG Hector was named after the 1930s British biplane of the World War II era while the Gloster was named after a prototype jet-engine aircraft that first flew in 1941.

MG Comet : An Agile and Futuristic Solution for Cities

The MG Comet will ease the driving in today’s congested urban cities. With rising traffic, fuel costs and difficulty in finding parking spots, the Comet will tackle all this while having a lower footprint and at the same time reduce the environmental impact as compared to traditional mobility options.

The Comet promises a seamless mobility that is connected, automatic, electric and shared. Thanks to the electric powertrain, the car will save cost as well as offer convenience and at the same time comfort when navigation across congested neighbourhoods.

MG Comet : More Details

The Comet looks like a big box with large doors. The doors cover the entire side profile of the car. Meanwhile, the long wheelbase version gets an extra window at the back. The SWB version is good for 2 occupants while the LWB can ferry 4 passengers comfortably.

Towards the front there is a full-width light car and a chrome strip that joins the ORVMs. The rear gets a full-width red light bar with a small logo in the bottom. For the interiors, we can expect a dual screen setup and faux leather upholstery. The car will also be equipped with dual front airbags and a rear parking camera.

In terms of range, the Comet SWB is likely to get a 17.3 kWh battery, which is good for 200 km while the LWB will come with a larger 26.7 kWh unit which can go a claimed 300 km on a single charge. Both the variants are powered by the same 40 PS electric motor that drives the rear wheels.

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