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MG Motor India sold 2,798 ZS EV SUVs in 2021, Hector owners switching to ZS EV

Written by Akhil Dalvi

British automotive manufacturer MG has announced its annual, 2021 EV sales report, which consists of the ZS EV in India. The report states that MG Motor India sold a total of 2,798 units of the electric SUV in 2021. In comparison to the report from 2020, the automaker has registered an overall growth in sales of 145% for EVs. Additionally, numerous MG Hector customers exchanged their SUVs at resale values ranging from 80%-100% for the MG ZS EV.

Reasons behind the shift to electric 

MG Motor India stated that it has noticed customers gradually shifting towards EVs from ICEs due to environmental/economic reasons. In order to keep the pollution levels under check and increase awareness amongst the masses, MG promotes the ZS EV SUV. MG states that one of its own Hector customers exchanged the SUV for INR 16.5 lakh for the EV.

The customer then had to pay just INR 7.95 lakh to drive home an all-new ZS EV Exclusive. Another example to prove the e-SUV’s popularity is when a Hector owner sold the INR 16.78 lakh SUV. The owner-managed to sell the SUV for INR 14 lakh and clocked in a resale value of 83%. An environmental factor that has increased the sales of EVs is the deteriorating Air-Quality across the country.

Since the MG ZS EV consumes less energy whilst offering mobility, the SUV reduces the overall environmental impact. According to MG Motor India, the increasing household and lifestyle expenses are other factors for the increased sales of EVs. The brand states that if sections of society can consciously work together collectively, then they can lower the carbon footprint.

EVs, including the MG ZS EV, help reduce the budgetary expenses and fuel costs by a huge margin. To prove the success of EVs in India, JMK Research and Analytics published a report in December 2021. The report states that EV registrations in India crossed the 50,000 unit mark, which is a 240% year-on-year growth increase.

MG ZS EV: Highlights

MG Motor India offers the ZS EV at a starting price of INR 21.49 lakh (ex-showroom) in two variants. Powering both the Excite and Exclusive variants is a 44.5 kWh, Ultra High-Density Lithium-Ion battery with IP-67 certification. The ZS EV produces 143 PS and 350 Nm, which allows it to reach 100 kph in 8.5 seconds. MG offers loads of features for the ZS EV, including a panoramic sunroof and a PM 2.5 Filter.

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