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MG Motor India optimistic about 2022

Written by Akhil Dalvi

MG Motor India has showcased a successful performance in the year 2021 with an increased growth rate of 56%. Between the months of January and November 2021, MG Motor India sold a total of 37,723 units. In comparison, the automaker sold a total of 24,152 units during the same time period in 2020. MG Motors has also recently launched the 2021 Hector SUV, the MG ZS EV, and the Gloster SUV in India.

Plans and Expectations for 2022 

Thanks to the pandemic, all major OEMs in India had to adapt to the new normal and tackle unique challenges. MG Motor India has stated that its biggest challenge has been to resume normal business operations to maintain financial health. So far, the organization has showcased immense resilience in the last 2 years along with its stakeholders. The automaker has also assured that it will meet its high customer demands in 2022 by enhancing its plant capacity.

Despite the shortage of semiconductors and increase in prices for commodities, MG India has continued to monitor and adapt accordingly. MG Motor India has also addressed its plans of introducing new EVs for the Indian market in 2022. With the MG ZS EV launched in 2020, MG India aims to focus on adding immense value towards electrification. The brand also aspires to use its CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric) vision to please discerning customers and stakeholders.

The Focus on Electrification & Sustainability 

By introducing India’s 1st internet-connected car, MG Motor India has always focussed on introducing cutting-edge augmented experiences and technologies. The automaker’s 2nd car, the MG ZS EV, uses a global platform from the UK to achieve success in India. The automaker claims that, on average, it receives 700 bookings from Indian customers for their MG ZS EV. MG Motor India has also introduced a 5-way charging ecosystem with free-of-cost AC fast-chargers for Indian customers.

Along with offering DC superfast charging stations at dealerships, the automaker offers a 24×7, on-the-go charging facility in 5 cities. Recently, the brand has also paired up with battery recycling organizations such as Umicore, TES AMM, and Attero. Currently, MG India is working on introducing a new EV in India for 2022, which will use its global platform. With an expected price tag of INR 10-15 lakh, MG has assured that the new EV will be futuristic.

MG will also ensure to customize the new EV to meet Indian regulations and the Government’s PIL schemes and guidelines. The automaker states that it will aim to produce the EV locally, including battery assembly and other important parts. MG Motor India expects that over the next 2 years, 20% of its sales in the country will be EVs. The automaker has also focussed on providing technological conveniences for drivers such as high-speed connectivity, infotainment, and IoT solutions.

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