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MG Motor India & Bharat Petroleum to strengthen EV charging ecosystem

Written by Nayak

MG Motor India has announced its partnership with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited. As a part of this, both will help build innovative EV charging solutions for customer convenience in India. Furthermore, MG Motor India becomes the first passenger car company to tie up with BPCL to rapidly enhance the adoption of ‘green mobility’. This collaboration is a part of MG’s vision of ‘ChangeWhatYouCan’. This partnership with BPCL will add momentum to EV adoption by expanding opportunities for intercity travel. The two entities, BPCL and MG, will leverage each other’s strong areas and incorporate them as a part of this collaboration.

MG Motor – A Key Player In EV Space

The British carmaker has played a significant part in the adoption of EVs in India. MG brought in the ZS EV much ahead of time and gave Indians a first-hand experience of owning an EV. In fact, ZS EV was one of the early mass-market proper electric cars that arrived in India. The SUV made an immediate impact in the market. Soon many carmakers like Tata Motors followed, and currently, the growth figure of EVs in India is quite inspiring.

As part of this collaboration, MG will use BPCL’s strong presence and vast network in India. MG India’s multi-step charging system with AC chargers and DC fast chargers in residential communities and also in MG showrooms is a great help. Moreover, MG is also extending this 6-way charging ecosystem to its customers. This includes a free-of-cost AC fast-charger (installed at the customer’s home/office), extended charging network, a plug-and-charge cable onboard, charge-on-the-go with RSA (Roadside Assistance), and community chargers.

Under this collaboration, a total of 7,000 charging stations will come up in the next 2 to 3 years. To ensure public convenience, These fast-charging stations will come with a host of customer amenities. These include hygienic washrooms, refreshments, micro ATMs, etc. Most of these charging station corridors will come up across major highways in the country, thus connecting major cities and economic centres.

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