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MG Comet EV for Police & Firefighters revealed

Written by AnantaSaranNayak

We are aware that the MG Comet was recently launched in India. It is currently the most affordable electric car with prices starting from INR 7.98 lakh. Along with India, the MG Comet is on sale in other countries as well. MG Comet is a two-door four-seater mini-electric vehicle, perfect for intra-city commutes. One demerit is that the Comet offers hardly any boot space with all four seats up. So, a car like this is not the ideal choice for weekend trips.

But, Wuling has some exciting versions to show us. Recently they showcased a police car and a fire rescue vehicle based on its Air EV at 2023 PEVS Show in Jakarta, Indonesia.

MG Comet As A Fire Rescue Vehicle

MG Comet Fire Rescue vehicle wears a red colour, just like any other fire ambulance. We also see the ‘Damkar’ stickers on the sides which translate to Firefighter in Bahasa language. At the rear and front, we find ‘Fire Rescue’ stickering as well.

Wuling has also equipped flashing red and white LED strobe lights on top. These lights warn the approaching vehicles of this fire fighter vehicle. We accommodate more space, and rear seats are removed completely. And in their place, we see uniforms of firemen, a couple of fire extinguishers and a hose pipe to connect to a fire hydrant.

MG As A Police Vehicle

Another version of the MG Comet is a Police Car. Small electric cars are working perfectly as ideal police patrol vehicles in crowded cities. In fact, there are some cities where cops are already using the MG Comet as an official patrol car. In terms of exterior modifications, there is not a lot happening. We just see the Blue LED strobe lights. We also see a blue and white exterior paint finish with Polisi stickers at the front, side and back.

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