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MG Charge to install 1,000 chargers in residential areas across India in 1,000 days

Written by Nayak

MG Motor India is aggressively expanding its charging infrastructure network. As per a recent initiative, the British carmaker aims to set up 1,000 chargers across India. To provide its customers with a hassle-free and convenient charging solution, MG Motor India has announced a new venture called, ‘MG Charge’. In the 1,000 days, MG will install 1000 AC fast chargers at residential localities across India.

This is the first in India that such an initiative has been taken up by an OEM. These chargers are of Type 2, thus supporting a wide range of current and upcoming EVs in India. To further enhance the services, these chargers also get sim-support via a sharable Charger Management System. The carmaker mentioned that it would collaborate with Electreefi (MG Developer Program and Grant 2.0 winner), Exicom, Echargebays, Resident Welfare Associations, and other new partners to enable this initiative.

Increasing Demand For Charging Infrastructure

With the spike in demand for EVs in the country, there’s a significant increase in demand for EV chargers across the country as well. Hence, these connected AC charging stations will cater to the residents and visitors of these societies for their EV charging needs, operating 24×7. Initiatives like these will encourage more customers to join the EV movement and thus become future-ready. Furthermore, this step will also help greatly in keeping the carbon footprint under check by reducing emissions, thus saving the environment. MG’s collaboration with various such Resident Welfare Associations will also help curtain the cost of EV charging. This is a great initiative that will enable a seamless and convenient EV charging experience.

MG’s Conscious Steps Towards Green Mobility

Being an important player in the EV segment, MG is taking some giant steps. The company recently announced its partnership with Fortum and Tata Power to introduce superfast charging stations. To encourage more people to join the EV movement, MG ZS EV customers get a free-of-cost AC fast-charger (installed at the customer’s home/office), a plug-and-charge cable onboard, and charge-on-the-go with RSA (Roadside Assistance).

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