MG Astor customers share their story

Written by Nayak

Astor, the latest launch of MG India, is doing pretty well in terms of sales figures. Furthermore, the customers are also quite happy with the product and just can’t stop talking about the car. The SUV gets all that attracts Indians as per current times. Packed with features, MG Astor gets a host of segment-first features which includes (ADAS) Level 2 autonomous driving technology. 

Customers Reviews Of MG Astor

Mrs Kanishka, an IT professional alongside her husband Mr Rahul, who is an entrepreneur, bought Astor as their first car. They mentioned the smooth gear shift of the Astor. Alongside that, the big fat panoramic sunroof further attenuates the ownership experience. The family also talked about how the AI Assistant comes in handy in doing small things. In terms of interiors, the dual-tone finish adds to the luxury points.

Mr Anil Narang from Gurgaon, who got his first SUV, highlighted MG’s efforts to connect with customers for feedback. He also talked about the ADAS features that make Astor a unique car in its segment. Talking about the overall exterior look, Astor is quite attractive and gets appreciation amongst his friends’ circle.

Why Is Astor So Much Popular?

We have talked widely about what makes Astor a top choice for the customers. Top features, good looks and premium interiors are the parameters that make Astor a very good contender. But, alongside this, MG is also offering a host of customer-friendly packages. One such plan is the standard 3-3-3 package. This includes three years of Roadside Assistance, a warranty of three years/unlimited kilometres, and three Labor-Free periodic services.

In addition to this, customers also have the flexibility to personalize their own package with Warranty Extension and Protect Plans. MG mentioned that the ownership cost of Astor is also one of the best in the segment. With an ownership cost of 47 paise per kilometre, calculated up to one lakh kilometres, Astor is a great choice. Also, customers can opt for an assured buyback plan under which customers will get 60 per cent of Astor’s ex-showroom price on completion of three years of purchase.

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