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Mercedes will launch AMG Sport variants

Mercedes will launch AMG Sport variants
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Mercedes-Benz will drive out a new AMG Sport range of cars which will slot below the AMG variants and above the regular Mercedes-Benz models. These variants will get the AMG design language and will rival the Audi S-Line and BMW M package. However, pricing will be significantly lesser than the full-grown AMG siblings.

The AMG Sport models will get slightly sportier exterior design elements and will see some tweaks even on the inside, such as sporty front and rear bumpers, different alloy wheels, sports seats, different steering wheel etc.

Mechanically, the AMG Sport range will get specially tuned engines, chassis, brakes and other such parts for sportier driving dynamics.

This new AMG Sport line-up will be first revealed at the Detroit Motor Show in January 2015. Teaser images suggest that the first few cars to get the AMG Sport treatment could be the C-Class and the GLE Coupe.