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Mercedes Vision EQXX EV teased, debut in 2022

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mercedes-Benz has teased us with a future electric vehicle prototype, Vision EQXX. The brand has been working on the Vision EQXX for the last couple of years and is likely to showcase the concept next year. The German manufacturer has extensively worked in the powertrain, battery and aerodynamics departments. This will make the Vision EQXX one of the most efficient electric cars in the industry. The brand boasts that the EQXX aims to deliver around 1,000 km of electric range on a single charge. This means the electric car will be able to go the distance between Stuttgart and Nice or Beijing to Shanghai on a single charge. 

Better Cd EQuals More Range

Mercedes-Benz is heavily invested in improving the aerodynamics of the entire passenger range. The brand is working on improving the coefficient of drag on its internal combustion engine vehicles to lower the fuel consumption and, ultimately, the CO2 emission. The brand is also working in the aerodynamics department on the electric range to improve the powertrain efficiency and battery range. The Mercedes-Benz EQS already claims the title of the world’s most aerodynamically efficient production car with the lowest Cd (Coefficient of Drag) of just 0.20 Cd.

Vision EQXX Design

The Vision EQXX teaser reveals a rounded front end with minimal air intakes and smooth lines. This helps with the laminar flow of air. The windshield also features a shallow rake to avoid turbulence. The Vision EQXX also features air vents on the bonnet to improve the thermodynamic efficiency while keeping the car aerodynamic. The rear end of the car also comes with an extended tail to diffuse the air smoothly and avoid back drafts. 

Larger Battery or Denser Battery?

According to the boffins at Mercedes-Benz, increasing the battery size means adding more weight. This will adversely affect the car’s performance in both range and agility. But adding a larger battery is the easy way out. Mercedes-Benz will work on increasing the energy density of the battery while keeping its size the same. Compared to the EQS, Mercedes-Benz plans to improve the energy density of the EQXX battery by 20%. The brand is also working on improving the thermodynamic of the power unit and battery. This will help the car get to the target range of 620 miles per charge under normal road conditions. 

Mercedes-Benz EQXX Production

Unfortunately, Mercedes-EQ is not likely to spawn a production version of the EQXX. But the brand will learn from the prototype, and the technology will eventually trickle down to other Mercedes-Benz EQ road cars. 

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