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Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX covered over 1,000 kms in a single charge

Written by Nayak

Mercedes-Benz is venturing into the EV segment with heavy research and development. With the Vision EQXX, the carmaker has showcased a very promising result in terms of range and efficiency. Travelling from Sindelfingen to Cassis on the Côte d’Azur via the Swiss Alps and Northern Italy, Vision EQXX covered more than 1,000 km on a single battery charge.

Mercedes-Benz claims that this long-distance drive was completed with the charging socket sealed. Furthermore, an independent expert from a certification body was also a part of this drive. This approach speaks volumes about Mercedes-Benz’s approach toward electric mobility, which involves collaboration with external partners. Mercedes-Benz mentioned they are working out a way to deploy the technology in the VISION EQXX in upcoming series-production Mercedes vehicles.

Key Highlights Of The Drive

Mercedes-Benz mentioned the coefficient of drag value of Vision EQXX is Cd 0.17. With this, the wind has virtually nothing to grab hold of. The unique body shape and aerodynamics help greatly reduce drag. Furthermore, the active rear diffuser that deploys at 60 kmph enhances the airflow. Another key feature that aids in increasing the range is the lightweight construction. This feature particularly comes in handy on climbing uphills. The Vision EQXX makes the perfect use of downhill. The car makes use of the recuperation effect on any type of gradient and during every braking manoeuvre, thus extending its range.

The equipped Solar roof with 117 solar cells feeds the 12-volt battery, which supplies power to auxiliary consumers such as the navigation system. Overall, the solar booster increases the range by more than two per cent. This helps add up to 25 kilometres on a journey of over 1,000 kilometres. The electric drive unit in the VISION EQXX that consists of the electric motor, transmission and power electronics has its origins in Formula 1. Matching the dynamic of the car, the electric drive unit is compact, lightweight and highly efficient. Cooling is one of the key elements in an EV. For the Vision EQXX as well, it gets a cooling plate in the underbody that uses the airflow to ensure even cooling.

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