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Mercedes-Benz plans separate used-car brand

Mercedes-Benz plans separate used-car brand
Written by Parichay Malvankar

Mercedes-Benz has revealed that it will launch a separate new brand for pre-owned cars by the end of this month.

Luxury car market in India is growing at a fast pace, and this seems like a good opportunity Mercedes-Benz does not want to miss to cash in on. The company claims that they have seen a growth of over 45% in the used car segment and want to enter with a organised setup in this space.

Mercedes-Benz will continue with the existing dealers for the pre-owned car business.

3/4th of the total sales come from leasing and financing while 1/4th of the sales are accounted by cash sales. Expect financing options and a nominal warranty to be available on the used cars.

Mercedes-Benz will inaugurate a new facility in Marudai soon.

Source – ET Auto