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Mercedes-Benz launches ‘Premiere Express Prime’ car service in 3 hours

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Mercedes-Benz India has introduced a new car servicing initiative which most of the luxury car buyers would appreciate. The ‘Premiere Express Prime’ initiative claims car servicing in just 3 hours, or it would be free. With this, the focus is on reducing turn-around-times for these high income group car owners, and delivering a better after-sales experience. Efficiency would be the main focus with this ‘Premiere Express Prime’ and there would be dedicated bays within the same service centre, but with dedicated tools and equipment for meeting this time claim.

Mercedes-Benz India will have a separate team for the ‘Premiere Express Prime’ services with 1 team leader and 2 technicians. The German luxury car manufacturer has first announced this initiative in Bangalore and it will soon be offered in top markets like Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. Of course there are a set guidelines and some exclusions for this ‘Premiere Express Prime’.

Mercedes-Benz clarifies that warranty repair, major maintenance and repair and servicing of AMG cars will not be offered with ‘Premiere Express Prime’. The services which will be covered under this initiative would be oil & oil filter check / replacement, brake fluid replacement, dust filter replacement, wheel rotation, coolant mixture check, washing the car inside & outside, air filter replacement, fuel filter check / replacement, diesel fuel filter check, brake disc and brake pads check and wheel balancing.

Most of the regular maintenance has been covered in the scope of work for ‘Premiere Express Prime’. And if this is done in 3 hours, a customer might have to visit the service centre just once, rather than go to & fro to pick & drop the vehicle. Mercedes-Benz will also be able to retain customers for longer with this timely service as most luxury car owners are pressed for time, and hence would prefer a 3rd party garage nearby.

Mercedes-Benz is the leader in the luxury car market in India.