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Mercedes-Benz India leads luxury car segment for 7th year in row; aggressive 2022 plan announced

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mercedes-Benz has revealed that the brand has delivered 11,242 units in the year 2021. The brand also reveals that compared to 2020, when the brand sold 7893 units, the sales record shows a +42.5% increase in sales. This has led Mercedes-Benz to retain the leadership position in the country’s luxury car segment for a record seventh year in a row.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic and the slumped sales performance in the entire car industry, Mercedes-Benz boasts that the brand significantly improved its sales performance retaining customer loyalty. The brand also reveals that the company has been maintaining sales in the product portfolio throughout the year. The credit for the sales performance is given to regular product introductions that have earned customers’ confidence and also to the new business model – Retail of the Future. 

Mercedes-Benz Roadmap for 2022

The brand also reveals that “2022 will be another milestone year”. Mercedes-Benz plans to lead the luxury EV segment by expanding its electric vehicle portfolio. This includes the debut of the first-ever all-electric luxury sedan from Mercedes-Benz – the EQS. The EQS has already created a buzz in the international markets thanks to the benchmarks it sets as an all-electric futuristic luxury EV. The brand also revealed that Mercedes-Benz will start the local production of the EQS in India, similar to other performance and AMG models. As part of the 2022 product offensive, Mercedes-Benz revealed that the brand would launch the new S-Class Maybach and EQS along with many other exciting offerings from the AMG portfolio.

YOU First

Mercedes-Benz also unveiled the 2022 motto of ‘YOU First’. ‘YOU’ highlights Mercedes-Benz India’s dedication to all its stakeholders. This comprises all the Customers, Franchise Partners, Employees and the Community at large. On the other hand, ‘First’ places them foremost in priority. 

2021 Sales Highlights

In 2021, Mercedes-Benz’s highest-selling model was the Long wheelbase E-Class. In the SUV segment, the brand reveals that the top-seller was the GLC. The brand reveals that the AMG and Dream cars have shown a growth of 101%, making it the highest growing segment. The GLA, GLC, GLE, GLS, A-Class, E-Class and S-Class are the waitlisted models, while the total order bank of 2021 stands at more than 3000 units.

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