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Mercedes-Benz India allows key-to-key exchange and other services via Wishbox

Written by Parichay Malvankar

Mercedes-Benz is India’s leading luxury car manufacturer. The German brand has introduced a new mobility solution called ‘Wishbox’ in India which comes with 5 features to make luxury car ownership even more special. These offers are coming to the luxury segment for the first time and they include Key-to-Key Change, 25-25-25-25, Zero down payment, Star Agility+ and Comprehensive insurance. Mercedes-Benz is hoping that this ‘Wishbox’ will drive more customers for them in the Indian market with the flexibility to be offered.

Wishbox Features:

  1. Key-to-Key Change: Under this offer, customers willing to join the Mercedes-Benz brand can own 2 luxury cars in 4 years. They can apply this feature on the GLE and GLS SUVs here in India, and one can have two upgrades at no extra cost. This way, the latest vehicle can be in your garage.
  2. 25-25-25-25: Under this scheme, the customer does not have to worry about loan installments or the down payment to buy a Mercedes-Benz car. A customer can pay 25% of the vehicle cost at first and later pay 3 installments of 25% each for a hassle free car ownership.
  3. Zero Down Payment: When you buy a car on loan, one has to pay nearly 40% of the car value including tax and insurance which causes a high entry barrier for customers. Under this scheme, a customer will only have to pay the road tax and then pay the balance amount as EMI for 5 years.
  4. Star Agility+: With 40% lower EMI cost including the maintenance, warranty and assured buyback; this scheme is the perfect peace of mind offer for luxury car buyers. If you want to buy a C-Class for example with a 36 month loan tenure, under the Star Agility+ program you will have to pay just INR 82,000 unlike the standard loan where one would have to pay INR 1,35,000. So you save nearly INR 53,000 each month and also get the above mentioned value added services.
  5. Comprehensive Insutance will be offered complimentary for two years.

Mercedes-Benz is also making progress towards having their car portfolio BSVI emission compliant. The brand claims that they have 60% of their range already transitioned to BSVI, while by September 2019, they will be 80% ready to meet the new BSVI emission norms and have all cars ready by April 2020.