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Mercedes-Benz GLE & GLS SUVs have a problem

Written by Kanad Kalasur

Mercedes-Benz has recalled over 61,000 vehicles. The German carmaker has notified GLE and GLS owners due to a potential risk of corrosion. This could lead to short circuits in certain electrical components.

Details of the recall

The recall notice reveals more details of the exact problem and the affected models. According to the notice we come to know that certain models of GLE and GLS could have the air conditioner drain hoses installed incorrectly. The affected models were made in 2920-21.

The report states that condensation water could enter the passenger compartment in the affected vehicles. In certain cases the water could enter into the driver and passenger footwells resulting in corrosion and short circuit of electric components. This will thereby increase the risk of a fire.

NHTSA or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has also said that other vehicle features could also be affected in this case. One of these is the automatic emergency call system. One more point to note is that it could not be possible to unlock the doors or start the engine. It might also result in a limp mode activation while driving, which could result in a higher risk of an accident.

What Mercedes-Benz has to say on this?

The German carmaker has identified the cause for this issue. There was a deviation in the assembly process where the air conditioner hoses were being installed. One of the symptoms of this is wet front carpets or dogged windows. Owners of the GLE or the GLS models should keep an eye for this.

Details of the affected models

A total 61,450 vehicles have been affected by this issue. These were manufactured between 1st November 2018 and 30th November 2020. The affected model trims include GLE 350, GLE 450, GLE 53, GLE 580, AMG GLE 63, GLS 450, GLS 580, Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600, and the AMG GLS 63.

What corrective action is being arranged?

In vehicles with this issue, owners will be informed by the Mercedes-Benz dealerships before May 16,2023. The service action will then be performed which includes inspection of the AC drain hoses and their replacement if necessary.

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