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Mercedes-Benz cars detect potholes with Car-to-X Communication

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mercedes-Benz has revealed a revolutionary technology for Mercedes-Benz cars around the world. The new technology can track and map large potholes and speed-breakers, warning the driver to take evasive action before reaching the obstacle. Mercedes-Benz has revealed that cars produced after 2016 will be able to receive the service through its innovative Car-to-X Communication.

How does Pothole Detection work?

The plethora of sensors employed on the new C-Class, S-Class and EQS can detect potholes or speed bumps. When the chassis control unit detects a pothole or a speedbump, activating the “Car-to-X Communication” service. The information on the positional data is sent to the Mercedes-Benz Cloud in real-time via the mobile phone network. Mercedes-Benz cars in the vicinity are informed, and results are displayed in real-time.

The system updates the location of the pothole and speedbump on the navigation system displayed by icons. The system activates an audiovisual warning to the driver 10 seconds before the car enters the relevant lane. This allows the driver to react and take evasive action or reduce speed in time. This helps the driver save the vehicle from the risk of damage to tyres and the suspension system and an accident in the worst-case scenario.

Compatible Mercedes-Benz Cars

According to the brand, Mercedes-Benz cars produced from 2016 onwards can receive the warning information. The brand boasts that there are over three million vehicles worldwide that can receive the warning information. The only prerequisite to the technology is a Mercedes me account and activation and online availability of the “Car-to-X Communication” service.

Compatible vehicles will hear the “Traffic event ahead” audible sound. While the new C-Class, S-Class and EQS, gets the “Look out, pothole!” or “Attention, speed bump” audio warning. The brand also revealed that the new alert system is available in select markets and 36 languages recognised by the infotainment system. Along with the pothole and speedbump detection system, the Car-to-X Communication can also detect crosswinds and pass on information to other Mercedes-Benz cars.

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