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Mercedes-Benz announces Retail Of The Future in India

Written by Nizam Shaikh

Mercedes-Benz India has just introduced the Retail of the Future in the Indian market. The new Retail of the Future (ROTF) will completely transform vehicle retail sales in the auto industry. The ROTF is a customer-centric initiative that will offer Mercedes-Benz vehicles Direct to Customer (DTC). The brand has also revealed that Mercedes-Benz will own the entire stock of cars and sell the stock through various franchise partners appointed by the company. The brand also reveals that even in the beta phase, the ROTF received more than 1700 bookings.

What is Retail Of The Future

The brand has announced that the Retail of the Future is the biggest project in the brand’s 27-year journey. The Mercedes-Benz Retail of the Future platform will help customers get all the details of the vehicle they wish to book in an extremely transparent manner. The Mercedes-Benz ROTF will also allow the customer by getting discounts on the Mercedes-Benz vehicle they wish to book. Customers can block the vehicle of their choice by simply paying INR 50,000 and then the order completion should occur over the next 14 days.

Benefits of ROTF

Customers will also get customised offers according to their profile. The brand also reveals that the customers will also be able to rate the franchisee partners who will then compete to offer the best customer experience. This, in turn, helps elevate the customer experience and the customer gets a win-win deal. The ROTF will also offer all three parties – Customer, Franchise Partner and the Company a futuristic experience and a hassle-free experience.

How Does ROTF Work?

Through ROTF customers will be able to choose the model, VIN number, Colour, Discount if Applicable and get a quotation of the retail price of the vehicle. The customer is also able to get the best price on insurance and the documentation is taken care of in planned steps. The brand also provides the customer with all the documents with a checklist for a hassle-free experience.

The system is also able to estimate the time of delivery which enables the customer to plan the purchase of the car in case of a special occasion. Mercedes-Benz will centrally manage the selling price of all new cars and also control the entire stock of new vehicles. The brand will also be responsible for processing and fulfilling other orders.

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