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Mercedes-AMG performance cars will have noise restrictions

Written by Parichay Malvankar

When they say that the end of the world isn’t too far away, news like these make you believe that. Mercedes-AMG has hinted that their new generation of AMG performance cars will be quieter. The new European exhaust noise regulations will ensure that the cars have a limit to how loud they can get, and hence, not just Mercedes-AMG, but all performance cars will have a cap on the aural department.

Although some markets might not crack down on the sound emission norms too tightly, it will not make any business sense to have market specific exhaust systems on cars which are already in the niche segment. Hence in every market, expect the AMG models to not deliver too much of crackling, pops and loud blips. This was shared by a product planner from Mercedes-AMG, so this is happening for sure.

BUT! Just for the drivers and enthusiasts to feel good, there will be fake sounds to please the ears inside the cabin. The AMG Pure Performance Sound will take the real sound from the exhaust with the pulsation and deliver it inside the cabin for a deeper and richer aural experience. Fake, but then, what else can one do?

By 2026, car manufacturers have to bring down the sound levels by 68 dB in Europe. The limit was 74 dB in 2016.

Mercedes-AMG is known for their throaty and aggressive engine note every time you press the pedal to the metal. While the cars will continue to drive just the same, or even better with more tech, it is just the sound that the world will have to miss out on. Enthusiasts had already been robbed of this experience from Formula 1, and not even in reality in every day cars.

Noise cameras are also going to be installed worldwide to ensure brands stick to the emission restrictions.

But hey, aftermarket exhaust companies will surely be excited with this bit of news. More business for them.