Meet PAL-V Liberty – A flying car costing $399,000

Written by Parichay Malvankar

At the ongoing Geneva Motor Show 2018, the dream which still hasn’t seen any real life application was showcased yet again. PAL-V has showcased the world’s first flying car in a production-ready format. Dubbed as the PAL-V Liberty, this flying car is a three-wheeled vehicle which switches to a gyrocopter in ~10 minutes.

With increasing traffic, and the need to reach a destination on time, many have thought about a flying car concept. But this real world application where your vehicle turns into something that can fly in just 5-10 minutes of transformation is really interesting. While no detailed specifications have been revealed, the PAL-V Liberty is said to be making use of 2 Rotax aircraft engines.

This PAL-V Liberty is claimed to be compliant with both, vehicle and aircraft specifications for Europe as well as USA. After getting the necessary clearance, this product could be fully certified for sale by 2019. PAL-V has been developing this product for the pas 10 years and had first revealed a concept in 2008. First flying tests began in 2011.

Now, when you want to buy one, you will have to shell out $399,000. You can initially book it for $2,500. Of course, not here in India. For the impatient ones, PAL-V Liberty Pioneer Edition will be a car dispatched to you ASAP with a base price of $599,000 with some exclusive elements.

But do you think the world is ready to fly, and fly themselves in their own road-legal vehicle?