Meet the air-conditioned Mumbai Local Train

Written by Tejen Dhankhar

The financial capital of India, Mumbai has received it’s first air-conditioned local train which currently rests under the shed of Kurla. This train has been manufactured by the Integral Coach Factory present in Chennai.

Mumbai AC local train

With exclusive features inside the coaches like GPS and micro-processor based software system, the main target remains the comfort and convenience of daily passengers. Adding to this, two 15 ton AC units for each coach have been deployed along with automated doors.

Mumbai AC local train

With a total number of 12 cars attached, the seating capacity is good for 1,208 passengers and a standing capacity of 4,936 passengers.

This train will take time before it is launched officially as the trial runs are still not been conducted. Even the route, fares and timetable for the train have still not been fixed.

With a top whack of 110 kmph, this train is expected to stay around for 35 years and the total cost of manufacturing is Rs. 54 crores.