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McLaren Artura supercar recalled due to fuel leak

Written by Kanad Kalasur

McLaren Cars have issued a recall for their Artura supercar. McLaren CEO Michael Leiters had stopped deliveries of the Artura a few months back to fix quality issues. But looks like the issues have not yet been rectified and some problems are still cropping up. 

What is the recall for?

The nuts used for the high-pressure fuel pipe are the problem. It is said that over time these nuts might become loose, causing a fuel leak. In rare cases, this could result in a fire.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) safety recall report, if the nut becomes loose, the seal between the end flare of the fuel pipe and the sealing cone of the pump outlet may be disrupted. This could lead to a fuel leak. As the end flare of the fuel pipe is located close to engine parts that have a high operating temperature, it could result in thermal activity if fuel is released.  

Affected cars and their repair 

According to NHTSA, a minimum of 164 cars could have this problem. McLaren has said that of these 164, less than 50 have been delivered to the customers. A majority of the affected cars are claimed to be press vehicles or demo units in the United States of America. 

To fix this problem, McLaren will replace the high-pressure fuel pipes. The repair would be done free of cost to the customer.  

Admission by CEO Michaek Leiters

Earlier this month, McLaren CEO admitted to the media that ‘non-mature’ products were rushed to the market. This was in the past and not anymore. Deliveries of the Artura were stopped due to this reason. Further, the carmaker was facing major delays at their production line and hence the decision to reduce production to zero units per day to fix up all the quality issues. 

At the beginning of the month, McLaren CEO Michael Leiters admitted “non-mature” products were rushed to the market in the past, but not anymore:

McLaren Artura : More Details

The Artura was first unveiled back in February 2021. The hybrid supercar currently has two track-only versions called the GT4 and a Trophy. The Trophy version will be racing in the one-make McLaren Trophy Championship, as a support Series for the GT World Challenge Europe.

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