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McDonald’s cooking oil used as BioDiesel for trucks

Written by Parichay Malvankar

So, McDonald’s is in the news, and for something very interesting. The leading fast food chain, McDonald’s has now started to recycle their cooking oil to convert it to biodiesel. This biodiesel is then used to power their refrigerated supply chain trucks. This has started in Mumbai.

Previously, this was a pilot project. McDonald’s now has expanded this operations to 85 of their restaurants around Mumbai and the claims is that they recycle more than 35,000 litres of cooking oil every month. Now how does this equate to diesel? Well, the brand suggests that this could save nearly 4.2 lakh litres of crude oil / year. Now that’s a big number.

Cooking oil which is used is collected from McDonald’s restaurants and is transported to the biodiesel conversion facility. This biodiesel is then sent back to the distribution network where the trucks are filled with this biodiesel for daily use in Mumbai.

Benefits of this? Biodiesel claims to emit 75% lesser carbon footprint compared to diesel.

McDonald’s is planning to replicate this process to nearly 500 restaurants in the coming years. This will not only reduce the dependency on diesel, but also, biodiesel is a greener fuel releasing a smaller carbon footprint.